Keeneland hosts hundreds of runners raising money for DV8 Kitchen

Published: Sep. 1, 2018 at 1:42 PM EDT
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The people who run DV8 Kitchen were in a race to raise money for their expansion. Thanks to hundreds of runners who came out Saturday they’ll be able to meet that deadline.

More than 600 runners spread out across Keeneland Saturday morning.

Each of them knew they were running for a good cause.

"Just a wonderful organization, a wonderful chance to give back a little bit in the community and support those that need support," said runner Tommy Owen.

"I’m excited to support what DV8 Kitchen is doing," runner Kimberly Logsdon said.

DV8 Kitchen hires recovering addicts, giving them jobs that can sometimes be hard to find as they work to rebuild their lives.

For some of the runners those jobs are helping friends.

"I think it’s just amazing and it kind of has a personal connection for me," Logsdon said, referring to a friend who is in recovery. "The fact that they would give her a chance like that, I was so impressed with that but I told my running friend 'We have to support this, this is amazing.'"

The big turnout hasn't gone unnoticed.

"Support for the run has been overwhelming and we’re just so appreciative," said DV8 owner Rob Perez.

The kitchen plans to expand, with a new building for their bakery and hiring more workers. The money from today's race will make that possible.

"Our payment is due on Monday, it’s $45,000," Perez said. "Guess what, this race, because of the wonderful spirit of Bob Baney and RaceRise, is going to earn exactly that amount."

The restaurant currently rents the building it uses as a bakery.