Kentuckians reflect on trip to Washington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "It was just surreal to be a part of history it was fun."

Paige and Andrew Pennington were two of several passengers making the trip back to Lexington from Washington, D.C. Saturday morning.

The two stood among thousands yesterday for the Inauguration. They say for them, was more about the experience.

"We weren't really necessarily big political people or big supporters either way of anybody really," said Andrew Pennington. "To be walking through a city with no cars, no traffic, and you walk by Humvees and dogs and then all of a sudden the street is blocked by protesters, it's surreal."

While in Washington, they also did a little sightseeing. "The archives, the natural history museum, the whole get up. Walked around and saw the monuments and things like that."

They only had a couple picture to share. "We wanted to live in the moment, we didn't take many pictures, we have memories I guess," said Paige Pennington.

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