Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief workers heading to Iowa, Illinois to provide flood relief

STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - A team of Kentuckians known for their disaster relief efforts is preparing to head out again, this time to help flood victims in Iowa and Illinois.


The Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief organization is known for heading into a storm and its aftermath when others are fleeing. They will be leaving later this week with plans to bring aid and assistance to victims of flooding along the Mississippi River, especially in the hard-hit Quad Cities.

Lately, they have been busy responding to the many flood and storm-related disasters. Last fall they fed thousands after hurricanes hit the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Last month they helped clean up when tornadoes devastated parts of Ohio.

Volunteer Karen Smith says the response has had to grow because disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense.

For this effort, 20 volunteers will be based in Davenport, Iowa but will be working along the river in both Illinois and Iowa. They say the area along the Mississippi River was devastated. Flood waters inundated homes and stayed in those homes for a long time.

The group expects there to be a lot of mud and debris to be cleaned in those homes. Their plan is to remove everything down to the studs -- nails and all.

The organization expects to work for several weeks and return on July, 7.