Kentucky Basketball Academy ordered to vacate building

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The fans painted on the mural inside of the Kentucky Basketball Academy were the only people inside of the facility today. A judge’s ruling last week closed the business.

“Rent’s not been paid. There has been a default, and it’s time to turn it over. Time to turn over the keys,” Fayette County Judge Pamela Goodwine said.

KBA Sports made the announcement on Friday that they are no longer operating out of their location on Ruccio Way.

A Facebook post that evening notified parents that leagues and camps they had planned to send their kids to wouldn't be happening.

“It’s kind of shocking to me to realize they are closed and we didn’t have any warning,” said parent Carisa Lipp. “That’s what we would have appreciated the most.”

An attorney working for KBA tells WKYT the court battle that has been going on since 2015, revolves around an addendum to KBA’s lease with the building owners.

KBA was paying rent based on an agreement reached in 2014, but Judge Goodwine ruled that addendum was invalid. Meaning, while they were paying rent, they weren’t paying enough.

KBA has filed a countersuit against the owners.

Parents of children who frequent the facility say the lack of communication has been difficult.

“I have emailed, and I have called. Still no responses as of yet. So that’s the frustrating part for me,” Lipp said.

KBA’s attorney says parents will be getting refunds for any camps that are cancelled. Parents say that still doesn’t solve the issue of the weeks in their children’s schedules that are unfilled.

“Now we have to scramble to find somewhere for him to go for a week,” said Lipp. “He really enjoyed it, so he’s still holding on to hope to play basketball all week with his friends, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.”

There are currently no hearings planned for the case, but the judge is looking at some motions filed by KBA and will be making a decision on those soon, according to Judge Goodwine’s court clerk.

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