Kentucky Castle celebrates 50th anniversary

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VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT)- The Kentucky Castle in Versailles is a staple in Kentucky and also comes with a book full of history detailing their 50 years perched in the kingdom of Kentucky.

“We do so much here because we know there is a passion for this place in this community,” said Erin Kuss a tour guide on the grounds.

Kuss tells WKYT’s Nick Oliver the story behind the multi-million dollar facility begins in 1969 when, then owner, Rex Martin built the castle as a home for his wife. A divorce later, Martin sat on the unused property for nearly 30 years before selling it to Tom Post for $1.8 million.

Post would be one year into renovations on the castle when the May 10, 2004 fire destroyed the structure only leaving the outer walls. The cause of the fire was never determined but it remains as one of the largest fires crews in Woodford County have battled to this day.

A rebuild later, the castle was transformed into a bed a breakfast, serving guests until 2017 when it was purchased. Now owned by 5 people, it acts as a luxury hotel, restaurant, and event center – even holding celebrity weddings and featured on the silver screen.

Additions to the castle have included a pool, ballroom, restaurant and even a farm.

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