Kentucky Democrat says election challenge must be dismissed

Published: Dec. 11, 2018 at 12:19 PM EST
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A Kentucky Democrat elected to the state House of Representatives by one vote says a Republican's challenge of the election results should be dismissed.

Jim Glenn defeated Republican state Rep. DJ Johnson by one vote in state House District 13. Johnson is challenging the results, asking the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for a recount. He says six voters are ineligible because they did not sign the precinct voter roster. He argues local officials incorrectly rejected 17 absentee ballots.

Glenn's attorneys filed documents saying the 17 absentee ballots were correctly rejected by a bipartisan election board. They argue it's impossible to invalidate three of the other six voters because their identities are unknown. The other three were known to poll workers, they said, so there is no risk of fraud.

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