Kentucky House Speaker says Bevin's actions should be investigated

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - House Speaker Greg Stumbo claims Governor Bevin threatened State Representative Russ Meyer, when Meyer decided not to change parties. The Jessamine County legislator released the voicemail recording he says shows a threatening side of Governor Bevin.

In the voicemail, Governor Bevin says "I have had some conversations since our last conversation. I'm a little disappointed by some of what I'm hearing. Would love to speak to you. I want to make sure you understand where things are in my mind and the decisions that I'm going to make in the days ahead, weeks ahead, months ahead. I want you to be very aware of what the impact of those decisions will be as it relates to you, your seat, your district, et cetera. Just so that we have all the cards on the table."

Stumbo said, "There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that the governor has openly threatened members of the general assembly. There is cooperating evidence in the form of that voicemail."

In response to Stumbo’s comments, the governor released a statement, saying the democrat’s "erratic behavior and foolish comments are an embarrassment to the Commonwealth." Governor Bevin also called the voicemail "polite and personal." He says his comments are being misconstrued.

The governor wasn’t Stumbo’s only target Tuesday. He's also angry House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover didn't join him in chambers Tuesday to discuss pension investments.

Stumbo said, "the retirement problem is a problem for everybody. It's a bipartisan problem because it affects democrats, republicans, north, south, east, west, teachers all across the state. I don't think it should be a political football, and I'm deeply disappointed in Representative Hoover."

Governor Bevin tweeted out his thoughts about the pension briefing, saying, "did you know Speaker Stumbo and House Dems spent up to $30K of our taxpayer dollars to showboat the Kentucky Retirement System today?"

WKYT Political Analyst Bill Bryant weighed in. He said, “Politicians may see this on both sides as blood sport and gamesmanship and so forth, but if voters look at this, they may see it as dysfunction and there's no controlling who they may blame for this come November."

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