Kentucky House candidate seated amid election challenge

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) The Republican-controlled state legislature in Kentucky has seated a Democrat who won an election by a one-vote margin.

The nine-member election contest committee is sworn in. Photo: WKYT

Jim Glenn defeated Republican DJ Johnson by one vote in November. The Kentucky State Board of Elections certified Glenn as the winner. But Johnson has asked the GOP-dominated House of Representatives to oversee a recount.

The House appointed a committee of six Republicans and three Democrats to hear Johnson's request. The members were selected by a random drawing.

GOP leaders had not said if they would allow Glenn to take his seat while the recount was pending. But Tuesday, Glenn was sworn in along with the other lawmakers and took his seat in the front row of the chamber.

Johnson's lawyers have argued that only the House can oversee the recount. Glenn's lawyer says a court should handle it.