Kentucky House committee passes voter ID bill

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky lawmakers are considering a bill to require a photo ID to vote.

Senate Bill 2 would require people to show a photo ID before voting in Kentucky. (WKYT)

Senate Bill 2 already passed in the Senate.

After a lot of questions from lawmakers Thursday, a House committee voted 11 to 7 to pass the bill.

The bill was strongly supported by the Secretary of State Michael Adams, who testified in favor of the bill. He says one of his promises during his campaign was to restore confidence in the voting process.

Adams says people need a photo id for many things, like opening a bank account or entering the state capitol.

One of the main speakers for the opposition actually worked closely with Adams to craft the current bill.

Professor Joshua Adams is a UK law professor and has studied election law and voter access.

While he doesn't oppose photo ID requirements completely, he is opposed to the current bill proposed.

He says voter impersonation is virtually nonexistent in Kentucky, so he offered five changes that would help this bill move forward.

One of those changes would be delaying the implementation until 2021.

He says the photo ID requirement would affect voter turnout for the big election in November.

The opposition pointed to different states for reasons to change the current bill, but Adams says the current version is similar to Indiana's, which was affirmed by the Supreme Court.

SB 2 now goes to the full House.

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