Kentucky family living in Puerto Rico braces for another hurricane

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One Kentucky family who moved to Puerto Rico from Nicholasville a few months ago, made it through Hurricane Irma and now they are preparing for another hurricane.

Hurricane Maria is expected to hit Puerto Rico by Wednesday bringing with it strong winds.

People are already preparing for the storm, including the Sharpeta family from Kentucky.

"There's three gas stations on the island here ... all of them have lines backed up," said Andy Sharpeta. "People are trying to top off and get their gas cans filled for generators and things like that."

Sharpeta and his family just made it through Irma. He said their home was not damaged, but they did have a few trees knocked down. He said the clean up efforts are now put on-hold as people prepare for Maria by boarding up their homes.

"Everybody has already started singing, "how do you solve a problem like Maria," he said.

Sharpeta and his wife started Vieques Baptist Church three Sundays ago. He said while the hurricanes have not made their transition easy, he said it has given them the chance to serve the community.

"They're reaching out to us and saying, hey I need you to go visit this lady. She is elderly and needs some help ... things like that, so it's been a blessing," he said.

President Trump approved an emergency declaration for the U.S. Virgin Islands ahead of Maria. The order will send federal dollars to help with relief efforts.

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