Kentucky family waiting on Washington as federal paycheck not expected

Published: Jan. 9, 2019 at 7:42 PM EST
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A Kentucky family says it may have to start making drastic decisions in order to make it through a lengthy government shutdown.

Lori Marcum is a realtor, but her husband is a federal corrections officer. He continues to work even though he is not expecting his routine Friday paycheck.

"We're having to prioritize and say, 'OK, what's more important, my kid eating or keeping the electric on?'" Marcum said.

Marcum doesn't rely on the federal government for her income, but the world of real estate can have its ups and downs. She said she hasn't been able to close any sales during the shutdown because buyers need tax transcripts for mortgage loans. Those transcripts come from the IRS.

"I do have one all-cash deal that's set to close on Thursday. It's very small. So whatever commission I get from that is the money we're going to have to live on until we can," Marcum said.

After watching speeches from President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders, Marcum is still uncertain when the government will reopen.