Kentucky group arrives to help feed storm victims staying in Houston shelter

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HOUSTON (WKYT) - At one time there were more than 10,000 people inside the George Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston. That number has since been reduced to less than 2,000.

For the past two weeks, the Texas Baptist Men have been responsible for feeding all of those people. The volunteers worked 15-hour days to make sure victims got fed. This week, they got some relief when some Kentuckians arrived.

50 volunteers with the Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief arrived in Houston. The mobile kitchens used by the Kentucky Baptists can feed tens of thousands in one setting.

Karen Smith is a Whitesburg native who has volunteered for Kentucky Baptist Relief for 23 years.

"You give them a hot meal. You see them break down. You break down, too. A lot of tears in this response," Smith said.

Despite the sadness at times, Smith says there's still joy knowing a tragedy brings out so much good.

"I do this because God loved me first."

Smith said they could be very busy for the next several weeks or even months. That's because of whatever Hurricane Irma does and other hurricanes that could be behind that storm.

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