Kentucky group helping in Houston ready to answer call for help in Florida

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HOUSTON (WKYT) - Kentucky Baptist Relief workers are volunteers and many pay their own way to travel to disaster areas. Among the 50 or so Kentuckians in Texas are Charles and Donna Castle. The Paintsville couple has responded to aid disaster victims for 12 years. They say if the call for help comes, they answer.

"We are just blessed to be here. We receive the blessing. We are so glad to be able to help in whatever happens," Donna Castle said.

The couple is helping to feed those staying at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston.

Kentucky Baptist Relief works mostly behind the scenes. They cook the food provided by the Red Cross for the victims.

"A lot of these people have lost everything and don't have the resources to start back. Just imagine that. If we can give them just a little bit of hope."

The Kentucky group plans to be in Houston for at least 7 more days. After they leave Houston, they may not go back home. They may head to Florida based on what Hurricane Irma does to the area.

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