Kentucky group serves up hot meals to those affected by Hurricane Florence

Jacksonville, N.C. As much as 36 inches of rain has fallen in parts of North Carolina as a byproduct of Hurricane Florence. A team of volunteers with the Kentucky Baptist Relief Organization are providing some much needed help.

The volunteers are from all over Kentucky, but they consider themselves family.

"Once we do this, it's just a bond that's unbelievable. And we don't want to quit when we probably should, because we would miss out on our family,” said Carolyn Gray, a volunteer from Benton, Ky.

The team of 60 brought their own supplies to the fight and even has the ability to filter their own water and to feed 30,000 people a day.

While serving thousands of meals may seem like a challenge, they say the hard part was just getting to North Carolina.

"We were contemplating spending the night in our trucks. Had a flash flood that night, and where we would have been was all under water,” said volunteer Karen Smith.

They’re serving meals out of a Jacksonville, N.C. church that sustained roof damage and has no electricity. But they say it’s not a problem to be roughing it when this community is doing the same. Now they're ready to provide hot meals to some who have probably survived on so little for so long

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