Kentucky high school shooting survivor reflects on El Paso, Dayton

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Mass shootings bring up bad memories for one survivor of a tragedy at a Kentucky high school.

Brittney Thomas was a survivor of the Heath High School shooting (Photo: WKYT)

The Heath High School shooting in West Paducah killed three and injured five in December 1997, and survivor Brittney Thomas said these recent events feel almost routine.

"At this point in my life it is not surprising anymore," Thomas said. "I feel like I just expect it."

Thomas lost her good friend Nicole Hadley in the 1997 shooting, and Saturday would've been Hadley's 36th birthday.

"It was already a hard day remembering her and what could have been, and to find out there had been another mass shooting on her birthday was sickening," Thomas said.

She said she was devastated when the number of people killed continued to grow.

"It is like looking at yourself 21 years ago and realizing that somebody else now has this same journey," Thomas said.

Even though she is no longer surprised, the pain still hits Thomas when she sees what happens.

"It's not just a mental health issue. It's not just a gun issue. It's an issue at multiple levels," Thomas said. "We have people in positions of power that if they could come from left come from right and meet in the middle we could come up with solutions."