Kentucky lawmaker calls on legislators to urge school boards to arm teachers

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Rep. Wesley Morgan, R - Richmond, is pushing a new resolution urging school boards to arm teachers.

"Each time one of these things happens, you're sickened," Morgan said.

Rep. Morgan has filed a resolution which urges school boards to allow teachers and other staff to carry firearms. It comes after deadly school shootings this year in Marshall County, Kentucky and Parkland, Florida.

"What makes us any different than school children?" Morgan asked, "We can't wait for the next tragedy to happen; We've got to do something now."

This resolution does not have the support of some school leaders.

"Instead of asking our teachers to put their lives on the line, I think the best position possible is to have trained law enforcement officers," Fayette County Superintendent Manny Caulk said, "My vision is to have a law enforcement officer in each and every school."

Morgan's resolution comes at the same time President Donald Trump placed his support behind arming teachers. State Sen. Stephen West, R - Paris, filed a bill which would allow schools to appoint a marshal to help provide armed security.

Morgan says he hopes to get lawmakers on record to show support for this proposal.

"Nothing is going to change until you put a deterrent in the schools," Morgan said, "I say let's start a class immediately and get it started."

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