Kentucky man claims casino kicked him out for pooping his pants

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CINCINNATI (WKYT) - A Danville man says a Cincinnati casino kicked him out after accusing him of pooping his pants, a claim he denies. WXIX in Cincinnati reported the story.

Jack Casino had a $1,000 giveaway which the Danville man says he won twice. He says he entered a third time but needed to use the restroom. After coming out a short time later, he said a security guard approached him and asked if he had an accident. According to the Danville man, the guard told him three witnesses had seen him discard his underwear after pooping in them.

He denied the claim and shared photos of his stain-free pants with WXIX that he says were taken shortly after the casino kicked him out.

The casino released a statement to WXIX which read, "JACK Cincinnati Casino's top priority is to continuously provide a clean and sanitary environment to the three million guests that visit the property annually."

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