Kentucky man leaves WKYT voicemail from Puerto Rico

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - He didn't have long to talk, but Andy Sharpeta called WKYT, Saturday and told us people in Puerto Rico are in need of help.

"A category 5 has come through. Maria has devastated the island of Vieques every part of Puerto Rico has been devastated," he said.

He was able to call WKYT using a satellite phone standing on top of the mayor's office building. The Kentuckian moved to Puerto Rico a few months ago from Nicholasville. He and his family started a church on the island.

"There has been no electricity for four days," he said. There's no water. There's no internet. There's no cell phone. I'm talking to you right now from a satellite phone on top of the mayor's office."

This isn't the first time we've talked to Sharpeta. On Monday we talked to him after hurricane Irma. He told us his house made it through and that people were starting to prepare for Maria.

Now his tone is less relaxed. He says there are a lot of people on Vieques Island who need help and that resources are dwindling.

"There is major, major problems with medical here with medical supplies with food with water and all of these things they estimate electricity and water could be out for six months," Sharpeta said.

The one minute voicemail ended with this message.

"Please forward this message on and let them know we need attention," he said. In Puerto Rico, but especially in Vieques. We are a cut off island that can not get back and forth. We appreciate all that you do love you back in Kentucky, bye."