Kentucky man takes cross country trip to rescue dog

Published: Feb. 9, 2020 at 10:39 PM EST
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A Versailles family finally has their new pet at home after a month-long effort to get her there.

Jeff and Joy Farmer decided to expand their family and adopt a dog after losing their pet of 14 years. They fell in love with a dog they named Cali Vegas.

Nearly one month ago, she was awaiting a different fate at a kill shelter in San Bernardo, Calif.

"I wasn't looking for a dog, I wasn't ready because we had just put down our lab," Joy Farmer said.

The farmers met her in Las Vegas, but couldn't fly her home. They hired a company to transport Cali, but she ended up escaping from the handler.

"The guy that took my dog, our dog, I handed him the leash," Jeff Farmer said. "I said, 'Don't let go of this leash.'"

A cross country search began and after tracking her for days, they found her.

A volunteer group called the Las Vegas Trapping Girls saw the farmers' posts and made it their mission to find the dog.

"She's literally on the phone with me and she yells out, 'Oh my God!', and I can hear the cage close and hear the dog start barking and I couldn't believe it either because she had only put the trap out two or three minutes before," Jeff Farmer said.

This time around, Jeff Farmer decided to pick up Cali himself. On his drive from Nevada to Kentucky, he was caught up in winter weather, facing an avalanche in Colorado.

After hours of bonding on the road, they made it home.

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