Kentucky native among those evacuating from South Carolina hospital

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WKYT) - One Kentucky native who works at a Myrtle Beach hospital is among those evacuating from the area as Hurricane Florence inches closer to the East Coast.

Kayli Clatterbuck of Morehead said patients at Grand Strand Medical Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are now boarding ambulances out of the hospital.

For the last three years, Clatterbuck and her husband have lived in South Carolina, both working at the area hospital that is now evacuating. Clatterbuck says some patients are having to make a very difficult decision.

“What is the best chance? Stay here and hunker down and hope the generators keep everything going as needed, or risk traveling,” Clatterbuck said.

A skeleton crew will stay at the hospital with patients who have to remain there, but as for Clatterbuck, her husband and their one-year-old daughter, they’re headed upstate. But they say the temptation to ride out the storm was there.

“We seriously contemplated it ourselves, because we have to be back at the hospital when it opens,” Clatterbuck said.

As the medical community braces for what’s to come, that same urgency is also felt by their bosses.

“We have no choice at this point, and we know what our roles and our obligations are, and we're going to stick to it,” said Antonio Pepe, Trauma Medical Director at Grand Strand Health.

While everyone on the East Coast is preparing for the worst, this couple is hoping they’ll be able to get back home and help.

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