Kentucky native helping in Texas hailed as hero

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HOUSTON (WKYT)- One Kentucky man is receiving nationwide acclaim for his efforts to rescue victims of Hurricane Harvey.

John McGinnis, of Grayson County, was interviewed live by Houston TV station KTRK as he patrolled a Texas neighborhood in his bass boat, looking people stranded by flooding.

"I laid down, and I tried to sleep, and I had a burden on my heart, and I feel like God was telling me I need to come help," McGinnis told the station.

The interview went viral, but McGinnis shies from the spotlight.

"I feel humbled, but I think they got the wrong guy," he told WKYT.

McGinnis said he's trying to help anywhere he can to help people get to higher ground.

"I see houses in water, and I put my boat in and try to get it in before the cops tell me 'no,' because they won't hardly let nobody help because they're afraid that you're going to get in trouble, you know?" he said.

McGinnis said Harvey left behind the biggest mess he's ever seen but also brought out the best in people.

He said he is touched by the kindness of fellow volunteers, some of whom have provided free food to rescuers.

"I just wanted to cry. I mean, I've never seen so much love in a place in my life as I've seen here, and I just thank God for the opportunity to do something for them," McGinnis said.

McGinnis said he isn't done working.

"As long as there's people that need help (and) I've still got breath, I'm going to be here," he said.

McGinnis said Fishing League Worldwide, based in Benton, Kentucky, sent free supplies with two of his family members who also made the drive to Texas.

McGinnis said they sent everything from life jackets to food, and he appreciates their support.

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