Kentucky power company with crews in Texas prepared to help in Florida

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- A Kentucky company with crews helping in Texas is now getting ready to deploy to the Southeast for Hurricane Irma.

Crews with Davis H. Elliot Company have been in Corpus Christi for nearly two weeks restoring power to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Officials with the company say currently roughly 300 linemen are assisting in Texas.

With Irma now in range, the Vice President of the Company says they will go where they are needed.

"Even with our employees, a great number of them being in Texas, we still have over 600 resources here in the east that can respond anywhere in Florida or along the east coast," says Davis H. Elliot Company Vice President Brian Sarrett.

Sarrett says during the historic and damaging weather; it is important for everyone including his company, to help those in need just in case Kentucky needs the same help one day.

"The way the weather goes, it doesn't pick and choose who it affects and there will be a day folks from around the country will be here in Kentucky helping us."

The crews are expected to stay in Corpus Christi another 7 to 14 days to help restore power to the area. Officials say when they decide how many linemen will go to Hurricane Irma damage areas, they will begin staging two days before Irma is set to hit.

It has been more than 100 years since two catagory four hurricanes made landfall in the U.S. in the same year.

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