Kentucky priest stops would-be purse thief

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OWENSBORO, Ky. (WKYT/WFIE) – A Kentucky priest jumped into action after seeing a man steal a woman’s purse.

Police say Father Jean Kalombo chased the suspect for over a mile before catching him. (Photo: WFIE)

Police tell television station WFIE 56-year-old Jeffrey Woods stole the purse from a parish in Owensboro.

Father Jean Kalombo saw it happened and chased after the suspect.

He eventually caught Woods on Breckenridge Street after a more than mile-long chase and held him down until police arrived.

Woods is also accused of stealing a child’s backpack off the front porch of a home a few months ago.

Father Kalombo says he’s going to use the incident in his message this Sunday.

According to investigators, Jeffrey Woods is also accused of stealing a child's backpack a few months ago. (Photo: WFIE)