Kentucky softball gets hot just before Super Regional

Published: May. 23, 2018 at 4:55 PM EDT
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Kentucky softball had its most dominating performance ever in last weekend’s NCAA Lexington regional. The Wildcats scored 28 runs, including two grand-slams, plus a shutout in 15 innings and it’s easy to see why Kentucky softball is hot right now and just at the right time.

“I think that this team has finally come together at the same time and Coach Lawson has been simplifying our game plan in the box,” Erin Rerthlake says the teams phenomenal regional play. “You can tell that we’re really getting comfortable with it and everybody’s just playing really well right now.”

It’s hard to pin down when exactly the momentum started for the Wildcats, but ever since facing the Ducks last year, the Wildcats have had one thing on their mind.

“I think last year‘s loss is crucial for us,” Rachael Metzger says of the 2017 Super Regionals against Oregon. She continues, “ I was low-key hoping we were going to go to Oregon. I think we’ve really got a good matchup and it’s going to be a fun series.”

Brooklin Hinz reiterated, “Since we went there last year were familiar with their pitching staff that makes us all excited, and we feel more prepared especially after how we feel this weekend.”

Big Blue has had some ups and downs this season, but one by one different Wildcat players started stepping up and into what Coach Lawson calls their moment. Rachel Metzger is a prime example. Against Notre Dame last weekend, Metzger had a grandslam and a 3-RBI double to help the Wildcats’ run production. For Metzger, it was a much needed moment.

Metzger recounts her struggles, “The season has been really difficult. This weekend [my appraoch] was just be ready you’re going to get an opportunity so capitalize this is it.” Metzger says her success had to do with getting out of her mind. “I’m just not thinking I’m just going out and doing what I know how to do.”

It’s not just Metzger, everyone in Kentucky’s lineup is playing their best ball. “Everyone is buying in. We write together on our wrists together, and this is been a complete 100% together process,” says Metzger of the team getting hot in the postseason. “Everyone is buying into the process, and that means everyone is committed to our one goal going to the World Series.”