Kentucky teachers finding creative ways to keep kids learning

Published: Mar. 20, 2020 at 12:29 PM EDT
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Kentucky teachers are continuing to find creative ways to keep kids learning outside the classroom.

One Bloom Elementary teacher is harnessing the power of Facebook to keep her students engaged and entertained.

"Necessity is the mother of invention." A quote hitting home for teachers across the commonwealth.

After schools were shut down to combat COVID-19, K. Michelle Brown wanted to find a way to keep her students engaged from home, so she started a virtual jam session.

Each morning at 11:11, K. logs on to Facebook to jam out with her students.

"It's where we take people's comments on a comment section of a Facebook live and we build rhythms on those comments," she said.

It's a way to keep her kids engaged from home because they knew it was going to be quite a long time until we see each other again.

They may not be together but through the power of music, her kids can still they can feel the rhythm and the love.

"When you give something back to someone, then it makes them happy and it makes them feel good and then that whole spirit of togetherness and community is what we need at this point," Brown said.

And while school is out, our very own Chris Bailey and Jim Caldwell will be hosting live weather classes. Be sure to join us Mondays at 1 o-clock on the