Kentucky teams up with God's Pantry to serve up cold milk to those in need

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A new Lexington dairy initiative has its sights set on feeding thousands.

In a conference Tuesday morning, Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles announced a new initiative with Gods Pantry Food Bank that will help provide dairy products to those less fortunate.

"The Kentucky Hunger Initiative continues to be a model that other states are looking at, and we're really fortunate that the dairy industry now has a solid place with helping chip away at food insecurity in the commonwealth,” Quarles said.

Between the four God’s Pantry Food Banks in Lexington alone, CEO Michael Halligan says they are able to help about 2,000 people a month.

"This program is taking that desperate situation out of the lives of those less fortunate so that they can really have a delicious cold glass of milk anytime they want it,” said Halligan.

In a time when the dairy industry has its back against the wall, this program is also able to help those small business dairy farmers.

"Milk to My Plate program will help provide an additional market for those hard working dairy farms who milk twice, sometimes three times, a day,” Quarles said.

In the initial start of the dairy program, 30 to 40 Winchester dairy farmers will participate to help those in need.

God’s Pantry Food Bank serves 50 counties across Kentucky.

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