Kentucky volunteers still helping in aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

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LUMBERTON, Texas (WKYT) - Dozens of Kentuckians are in Texas helping homeowners recover from a devastating flood.

Volunteers with one of the largest relief organizations in the nation are helping people whose homes flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

Lew Cook from Mason County works with Kentucky Baptist Relief. He is one of 50 Kentucky volunteers helping to repair homes in Lumberton, Texas.

"The houses we are working in right now...water was 6 or 7 feet in the house," Lew said. "The devastation is just all over."

Water still stands in some homes. Black mold is another issue.

"It is pretty sad. Devastation is pitiful. They have literally lost everything in their homes," said Tommy Floyd.

And what used to be people's possessions is now trash awaiting a trip to the landfill.

"We know we can't put them back in their house, but we can put them in a place to feel good about themselves and their house."

Kentucky Baptist Relief volunteers also worked in Houston and Corpus Christi in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Many of the volunteers will be in Texas through Saturday.

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