Kentucky woman mistakenly arrested in Berea traffic stop

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BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - An eastern Kentucky woman spent the night in jail all because of who police thought she was.

Kim Bryant was arrested for failure to appear in court on a 1999 warrant, but authorities later found out it was the wrong Kim Bryant. (Madison County Detention Center/WKYT)

Kim Bryant of Clay City was pulled over in Madison County for speeding on Wednesday. Bryant admits to speeding, but Berea police thought she was a Kim Bryant who was wanted out of Paducah.

The mix-up wasn't corrected until Thursday morning after she spent a day behind bars.

The massage therapist says she was on her way to an appointment when she was speeding on Interstate 75. Berea police pulled her over, and officers say records show she was wanted on a 1999 warrant for failing to appear in court.

Bryant said she was humiliated to spend a night in jail, and she was behind bars for nearly 24 hours. She was released after authorities say they fixed the mistake and realized she wasn't the Kim Bryant on the warrant.

Bryant was arrested after she gave the officer her Social Security number because she didn't have her driver license with her at the time. Police say, for some reason, the number matched up with the other Bryant. Berea police claim they followed the information they had at the time of the traffic stop.

Authorities in McCracken County are looking into the mix-up, and they believe the mistake could be a result of identity theft.