Kentucky woman opens CBD store after surviving deadly crash

Published: Oct. 12, 2018 at 11:40 PM EDT
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Rachael Osland is a walking miracle.

She is the sole survivor of a deadly 2015 Nicholasville crash that killed her fiancé and two children as well as another driver. Osland now works just miles down the road from the spot where her life changed forever.

Osland had to undergo ten surgeries and the rehab that came afterward. The emotional wounds may never heal, but Osland claims CBD, a byproduct of hemp, helped her get off pain medicine and work towards better mental health. On Friday, Osland and Robert Matheny opened KY CBD Farmacy in Nicholasville. The shop sells Kentucky-based CBD products, the very things Osland credits with helping her get to this point.

"Three years ago I was barely alive and here I am today opening up this store," said Osland.

Going forward, the store owners hope their products will help others the same way they've seen a change in their life.

"If my personal story can help one person then it's totally worth it," Osland said.

The pair is also involved in efforts in Frankfort and around the state to push for the legalization of medical marijuana in Kentucky.