Kentucky's Duffy, Fortner hosting 'Socially Distant with Max and Luke'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Kentucky punter Max Duffy and offensive lineman Luke Fortner have kept the Big Blue Nation entertained the last few weeks with their new talk show called "Social Distancing with Max and Luke."

The idea started as a way to interact with the kids at the Kentucky Children's Hospital and expanded from there.

"We were joking about doing a talk show," said Fortner. "We can interact with the kids and they can ask questions. Will the kids understand and fully appreciate a talk show? Probably not, so we thought we could do it for all of BBN."

They've already released a handful of episodes on Twitter, answering questions about pretty much anything. In the first two weeks, Luke said he should switch to running back, Max called himself the most socially distant member of the Wildcats and they discussed Little Debbies and King of the Hill combining for a fun game.

"It's been good," said Duffy. "The interaction we have with people writing in and asking questions. Some people we know personally that will ask questions, but we will answer all the questions. The fans themselves are great. It is keeping us busy and giving us something to do."