Knox County firefighters fed up with fires at abandoned homes

KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT)- Firefighters in Knox County want answers about who is setting fires in abandoned homes.

Volunteer firefighters at West Knox Fire Department say they have responded to four fires inside abandoned homes within the past month. They say each fire looks to be suspicious.

Fire officials say the four fires have occurred at two separate locations of abandoned homes. Chief Darryl Baker tells WKYT the fires have taken his volunteer firefighters away from their paying jobs and forced them to fight the fires. Along with the total of 12 hours it has taken to put out the fires, Baker says they are forced to use valuable resources.

“You have people that leave their jobs, whatever they were doing at the time so they don’t get paid for it. They lose money from their jobs when they leave," said Chief Baker.

They say State Police have been called to investigate the fires.

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