Lake Cumberland marinas prep for summer season

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - With the Memorial Day weekend only two weeks away it’s been all hands on deck at Lake Cumberland marinas.

Photo: WKYT/Phil Pendleton

Some feared the busy boating season on Lake Cumberland would be gutted after heavy rains caused the lake to swell to levels never before seen.

Others, however, say the rainfall will make the water look even better for the summer.

“The lake is probably looking as good as I have seen it ever,” says Joe Sharpe, with Burnside Marina. “As far as the trash, debris, all the elevation put it up.”

On March 7, Waitsboro Landing was covered in trash. Burnside Marina had to both clean up and repair docks.

“We are 75% back to where we need to be. A lot of our stuff up on land, we haven’t had time to fool with like we need to, because we are getting our rental fleet ready to go.”

Lake Cumberland reached a historic level in February of this year. 756 feet above sea level, with water rising up into the parking lot. Since then, the lake has gone down 33 feet, where marina workers say it’s reached normal summer pool levels.

While trash and debris was a major concern for some, many say the high waters actually helped with trash.

“It is nature’s way of clearing everything out,” says J.D. Hamilton, at Lee’s Ford Marina. “Cleaning everything up. Sometimes you just need to let Mother Nature do its thing and realize she knows what she is doing.”

Many of the rental boats are booked for Memorial Day weekend and the typical summer push is expected.

“I think it’s going to be the typical Memorial Day weekend. I mean the economy is buzzing the lake is back. People are excited to get out.”

Those whose livelihood depends on the lake are looking ahead to the summer season, hoping the same year that saw historic high levels results in record profits.

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