Lancaster police work 3 suspected drug overdoses in one day

LANCASTER, Ky. (WKYT) - There’s only 4,000 people in Lancaster and Monday two of them died, and a third one almost did. Police suspect they overdosed. Trish Caudill says one of them was her daughter, 22 year old Jenna.

“Look at Jenna. She had everything. She had a full ride to Western. Parents that loved her,” said Trish Caudill, Jenna’s mother.

But something went wrong and two years ago the slide started.

“I know in June 2015 she overdosed on heroin,” Caudill said.

Police say Monday on Dickerson court Caudill and another man were found and the likely cause was heroin. Across town on Miles Drive, another death call, another likely overdose.

“Every coroner, every friend of mine that I’ve talked to said they’ve had this. I hadn’t had any. I was thankful but now it’s here,” said Garrard County Coroner Daryl Hodge.

Hodge says he did not have a single heroin overdose last year but he’s already had four suspected ones since January.

“Until people are aware it’s killing our children, I don’t know what can be done,” he said.

Hodge says every time they get an overdose death call, there’s a lot more expense involved because they have to treat them all as a crime scene. Caudill’s family says they spent a lot of money helping Jenna stay clean, but it never worked.

“We tried everything, she went to Best Blessings rehab. Her sister tried everything. It’s not the rich or the poor,” said Caudill.

Not just a Garrard County or Lincoln County problem, people say it’s everywhere and only fear it’s going to get worse.

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