Landscaping company stays busy despite lack of winter weather

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The snow plows are starting to gather some dust... literally. That's because we really haven't seen more than a dusting of snow through central Kentucky. Despite that fact, landscaping crews are staying prepared in case mother nature decides to us some snowballs.

Some snow plows are starting to collect some dust with the lack of snow so far this season (WKYT)

"We've been waiting for a while. We have had everything ready since before Thanksgiving," Chris Trower, Owner of Diamond Landscaping, said. "So, we may have to come out here, the fleet that's out here, and fire it up. Make sure the spark plugs are good. When it does come it'll take about half a day to mobilize everything and put it back together."

Just because we haven't seen much snow this season, doesn't mean it's not going to come. Between November to December, we usually see about three inches. And then in January, we usually see four. Now for February, the magic number is 4.6 inches. So the bulk of the snow could still be yet to come.

"We are ready for the snow. We've been prepping. So when it does decide to come we are ready to work long hours," Brandon Reynolds, Field Supervisor, said.

Until then the company will be getting geared up for spring and managing plants that are blooming early.

"There's a lot of germination going on on the warm days. This is definitely a warmer winter season than I've ever experienced," Reynolds said. "So, there's a lot of germination going on for sure and we are thinking about how we are going to tackle those situations."

In the mean time, Diamond Landscaping will continue to be prepared for both winter weather, and spring like conditions.

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