Large crowds expected at Lake Cumberland for holiday weekend

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LAKE CUMBERLAND, Ky. (WKYT)- Lake Cumberland is expecting large crowds during this coming holiday week.

The staff at Burnside Marina say during the summer season they expect to be busy but during Independence Day, the festivities and people make the marina a much more busy place to be.

Although this coming holiday is a great reason to celebrate, Tanner McDowell with the marina just wants people to understand that with lots of people and boats, can also come a lot of danger.

"It’s really crowded you really have to be careful and be cautious because there's a lot of boats. This is probably one of the busiest weekends that lake Cumberland has."

The radar may also give some other dangers but lake goer Misty Murphy has a backup plan in place.

“We’re at a lake house with some friends so fortunately it's just about five minutes away so if that's the case we'll just go there and hang out."

Burnside Marina says if you are coming out, to expect the busiest days to be Saturday and Sunday.

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