Last minute donations grow firefighters' massive toy drive stockpile

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Donations continued to roll in on Saturday, as Lexington firefighters gear up for their annual holiday toy drive. 60 new bicycles were added to a huge stockpile that's set to go to more than a thousand children in need next week.

"We just like giving back to the community. People that are less fortunate than others need our help," said Larry Bain.

As manager of a local auto business, Bain knows the importance of having a nice ride, no matter how old you are, or where you come from.

"It's awesome. That's one of the reasons that we did this, is because growing up a bicycle meant freedom to us. It expanded neighborhoods and friendships throughout our community," said Bain.

On Saturday, the 60 new bicycles that Wildcat Window Tinting collected and bought, were handed off to Lexington firefighters who are gearing up for their massive Christmas toy drive.

It's the 86th year that the Lexington Fraternal Order of Firefighters has organized a holiday toy drive of some sort.

"We're here to help people have a good Christmas. Usually when they call us, it's not on the best day. Where somebody's sick or hurt, or their house is on fire," said firefighter and FOF President Todd Houston.

Bain's latest donation adds to a giant stockpile, sure to make any kid go nuts. "You can imagine 900 kids running around playing with all the toys," said Houston, but, "We don't allow the kids to come."

The adults-only distribution is set for next weekend. Families in need have been pre-selected, and can pick up toys at their designated time.

"They'll be a lot of hugs, a lot of high-fives, a lot of tears next Saturday from parents that are happy to be here. They'll able to come and get the toys and take them home without the kids knowing. That way it's still a surprise on Christmas morning," said Houston.

On Sunday, firefighters will host a chili cook-off and auction for the public, at the Hands On Originals warehouse at 1729 Jaggie Fox Way. Lunch will start at noon, with the auction following at 1 p.m.

Money raised will go towards last minute additions to the toy drive.

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