Laurel Co. mother says daughter lost home in Hurricane Michael

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It’s been well past 24 hours since Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida, and a Laurel County woman says her daughter faced the brunt of the storm near Panama City Beach.

Tasha Prince says her daughter Tonya ignored her pleas to evacuate and escape the storm, but at the last minute found shelter at a friend’s house, which received some substantial damage.

"She lives in a trailer, went to a friend's house, and thought she'd be safe but some of that roof got torn off there too,” Prince said.

Prince currently lives in Laurel County, but lived in Florida for 25 years, where she says devastating hurricanes were rare. She says pictures of her daughter’s Florida home show why you need to evacuate when storms like these are approaching.

"Tuesday night, I said there's going to be a point too late to leave. She got to that point, but at least she moved from one structure to another one, safer the second place she went to,” Prince said.

Prince said her daughter was shaken by the storm, but not hurt.

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