Laurel Co. police investigating string of car break-ins

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Laurel County police are trying to find a person responsible for a string of car break-ins that have been happening in the middle of the night.

Image Source: U.S. Air Force / MGN

Police were called to two homes early Thursday morning when the homeowners said someone took valuables from their vehicles.

"Forced entry. They actually had the vehicles locked, and someone took a rock or some kind of object and broke out the window and got guns, ipads, things of that nature," said Gilbert Acciardo of the Laurel County Sheriff's office.

Drugs could be behind the thefts as well, according to police.

"Can you imagine the noise breaking out a window? They are either doped up, or drunk or desperate or something," said Acciardo.

Residents in the area are concerned. A crime spree like this has not happened to a part of Laurel County before, according to police.

"It's really scary. A shame it's come to that," said Tim Wagers, a resident in the area. "You have to lock up your stuff. And maybe put in security cameras."

Police are encouraging residents to install motion detector lights on their property as a deterrent.

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