Laurel County jail overcrowding problem solved with new detention center

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - An overcrowding issue at the Laurel County jail will soon be solved with a brand new facility to house its inmates. Construction is almost finished on the new Laurel County Detention Center, and it's more than double the size of the existing one.

The new Laurel County Detention Center is almost finished, which will solve an overcrowding issue at the current jail.

The new facility will have space for more than 600 inmates while the current jail holds just 300 -- even though more than 550 are crammed inside of it.

“Now, there’s not a big difference in laying on concrete on a mat and laying on a steel bunk in a mat, but it does create tremendous safety issues when the officers are in the cells doing cell checks," said Laurel County jailer Jamie Mosley.

The new detention center is 105,000 sq. ft. covering 15 acres and costing about $24 million. Mosley says over time the new jail will save the county money in housing inmates from other areas.

After a renovation of its own, Mosley says the old jail will likely be used to house female inmates.

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