Law enforcement honors fallen trooper as 30th anniversary of unsolved murder nears

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Investigators are still searching for answers as the 30th anniversary of Trooper Johnny Edrington's death nears.


"30 years old, we hope to get a lead. We haven't really gotten anything. All leads have been exhausted several years ago. Now, the case is cold. It's still open to this day," Trooper Nick Hale said.

The somber anniversary is bringing many emotions out of family and friends, as they are hoping to eventually find closure.

"He was very proud to be with the state police," sister Barbara Curtis said, "He was very good at that."

Edrington was shot and killed during a traffic stop Dec. 20, 1988 in Laurel County.

The memorial happens every year at Brookside Cemetery in Campbellsville. While it doesn't make the loss any easier, the family tells WKYT it keeps Edrington's memory alive as they wait for the day they have answers as to why he was shot and killed.

Edrington has a daughter who was never able to meet him, and troopers shared memories with her to give a further glimpse into her father's life.

"The amazing thing about the brothers in blue is that no matter if I'm gone or how long my family is gone then they will always have a service," Curtis said.

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