Kentucky lawmaker accuses GOP leadership of cover up, says FBI is involved

Published: Nov. 4, 2017 at 12:39 PM EDT
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Republican Rep. Wesley Morgan from Richmond tells WKYT he has now reported fellow Republican colleagues to the FBI, after allegedly receiving new information from a whistleblower on the allegations of sexual harassment surrounding House Speaker Jeff Hoover.

The Courier-Journal, known as the state's largest newspaper, recently

Hoover settled a sexual harassment claim by a member of his staff outside of court. The paper reported those allegations publicly Thursday evening based on anonymous sources.

Morgan took to Twitter Saturday morning to formally demand the immediate resignation or impeachment of Hoover, but also indicated the possibility of new inside knowledge on a much larger cover-up.

Hours after Morgan tweeted this information, Gov. Matt Bevin called a meeting in Frankfort where he demanded the immediate resignation of those involved.

Morgan sat down with WKYT's Angela Reighard for an interview reacting to the governor's decision.

"This has not been a pleasant experience for me," Morgan said. "it really hasn't been because I had no desire to hurt anyone, hurt the Speaker or any member of our caucus, but we can't tolerate this from Republicans or Democrats."

Morgan said a whistleblower called him Saturday morning giving him new information on the allegations, saying three other lawmakers were involved as well.

"They were orchestrating a story, a cover-up, in order to suppress the bad information that was coming out," Morgan said.

WKYT reached out to the lawmakers Morgan heard were involved. We are waiting to hear back.

Morgan was asked if he thinks these allegations will ruin the image of the Republican Party as lawmakers have big issues like pension reform on their hands.

"I hope it doesn't," he said. "I truly hope it doesn't, but it does prove one thing that corruption happens on both sides."

House Speaker Pro Tem David Osborne, House Majority Leader Jonathan Shell, House Majority Caucus Chairman David Meade and House Majority Whip Kevin Bratcher released a statement on Saturday saying they intend to hire an outside law firm to conduct an independent investigation.

"We intend for this investigation to yield not only the facts of this situation, but also to guide us as we ensure the Kentucky House has the proper policies and procedures to deal with matters such as these," the statement said.

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