First legal 500-acre hemp farm in Kentucky unveiled

Published: Sep. 30, 2017 at 6:48 PM EDT
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It's a complicated subject, but today Eric Wang wanted to make sure no question went unanswered.

"I call it ground zero for hemp," Wong told WKYT.

He's talking about a 500-acre hemp farm housed in Harrison County. A farm that's been years in the making.

That's Brian Furnish he's director for global production at Ananda Hemp started working on the legislation with Congressman James Comer in 2013. Together he and Wang the CEO of Ananda Hemp have been working to educate people about the hemp business.

"We're working on food products, fiber products like textile uses and for medicinal type production for our hemp oils," Furnish said.

He told WKYT the education process is a crucial step in acquiring new customers and support from the community. He says he wants people to know they are growing hemp and have no plans of growing marijuana.

"Marijuana kind of complicates the issue for us, it's high THC and you've got a lot of problems with the drugs," he said. We believe you can do anything with the hemp plant that you can do with marijuana.. just not get high."

Furnish is in charge of making sure the hemp they are growing has a THC level at or below 0.3 percent. He says right now there are strict guidelines to follow if they want to continue to grow in the state.

"We want to build a fiber mill in Kentucky next year," Furnish said. We are going to bring ours from Australia and put it in Kentucky and that fiber mill alone would require almost 5,000 acres. We could be growing more in one factory than our entire state is growing right now."

He says support from elected officials is continuing to grow. He says right now they're working on federal legislation for hemp.