Lexington businessman in court on federal charges related to campaign contibution scheme

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington businessman has entered a not guilty plea on federal charges related to a scheme where he is accused of influencing the council members to vote on the city hall relocation.

Wellman (left) and his attorney Kent Wicker answer questions about the case. (WKYT)

Timothy Wellman faces accusations that he funneled money to 12 employees and instructed them to donate the funds to campaigns of two council members. Investigators believe this was done to bypass laws limiting the amount of money one individual can contribute to a campaign. The charges stem from what prosecutors say was his attempt to cover up the donation scheme by creating false documents, lying to investigators, and telling others to lie as well.

"This will eventually get to a trial we look forward to this day so we can put that behind us," said Wellman's attorney, Kent Wicker.

Wellman is allowed to await trial out of custody provided he does not discuss the accusations with witnesses or victims in the case. Wellman works with some of the witnesses and victims and was given strict instructions by the judge to keep all conversations strictly work-related. The trial is expected to begin on August 20.

The investigations continue, including an investigation from a special prosecutor assigned by the attorney general last week. The special prosecutor is tasked with finding any possible violations of campaign finance laws at the state level.

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