Lexington Instagram account causes controversy

Published: Aug. 1, 2016 at 6:28 PM EDT
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A new social media page is creating a lot of controversy in Lexington. An Instagram account shows pictures of people in unflattering poses. The account claims to be bringing awareness to the homeless along South Limestone.

The account "Limestonebumparty" shows a side of South Limestone you don't always see. An administrator for the page, who wouldn't talk on camera and didn't want to be identified, called it a tongue-in-cheek, funny account. He said half a dozen business owners contribute to it and that they're trying to bring attention to a serious problem.

Homeless advocate Ginny Ramsey says they're bringing the wrong kind of attention.

"We've got to deal with these issues with our brothers and sisters on the street not with just judging and saying, 'oh yeah, they drink too much.' If you didn't have a place to go, you might drink too much too," said Ramsey.

"Taking pictures of them while they're passed out instead of calling the police or trying to get that person some help is not a productive solution," said Director of Homelessness Charlie Lanter. Lanter wants the page's administrators to talk to the city about their problems.

The page has picked up more than 300 followers in three days.