Lexington Sinkhole: Crews to further examine 30-foot hole's impact

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - People living in the Stonewall neighborhood are waiting for city crews to take a closer look at a 30-feet deep sinkhole that opened up Saturday.

"We just need to fill it in, and get it fixed," Abe Karam said.

Karam and others living by the sinkhole may have to wait a little longer, as the city needs to determine the impact the sinkhole has on the area.

Water and sanitation crews are planning to come back out with cameras to see if the hole is connected to city's sewer line, but the city doesn't believe it is. The cameras will drop deep into the sinkhole to look at the damage it caused.

Some neighbors are concerned about recent rainfall, and they don't want to see the sinkhole to become a bigger problem than it already is.

"It could cave in more," Karam said. "30 feet down is a pretty good way to go."

The neighborhood is known to flood when heavy rains hit the area.

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