Lexington boy fighting cancer gets birthday surprise from police

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Every birthday is a milestone for one Lexington middle school student with special needs. Tyler Biggs has been fighting a brain tumor for years, making each day a blessing. This year's birthday celebration, however, was extra special with a little help from some Lexington police officers.

"Give me a call boo," Biggs sang as he danced before school Monday morning.

Tyler wasn't on his own for long, though. He got a special birthday escort to school from the Lexington Police Department.

Tyler has been battling cancer for years. But through it all, he's found enjoyment in life especially through his admiration for police officers.

"He loves to watch cop shows. He sings 'Bad Boys,'" said his mother, Amanda Biggs.

To make his 13th birthday memorable, Lexington police officers first dropped off a special uniform for him to wear, then picked up their newest member of the force in a squad car.

Firefighters and others were waiting at school for Tyler and his new partner's arrival. It was a touching morning for all who made it possible.

"No kid should have to go through the stuff that he's going through, but he's doing it. He's making the best of it," said Officer B.J. Blank who drove Tyler to school. "Sometimes you think, you know, you've got issues, or you've got problems going on, and then you see a kid like this, who is riding in a police car. That's all he's doing; having the time of his life!"

Tyler shared his special morning with all his classmates, and even went to arrest some of his teachers. His style of arrest, though, came in the form of hugs instead of handcuffs.

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