Lexington bridal shop calms brides-to-be about coronavirus impacting dress industry

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington bridal boutique employees said the panic surrounding the novel coronavirus affecting the industry is unnecessary.

Three bridal store employees are working together to let brides know what the latest headlines mean for their clients. They said they've taken phone calls from concerned brides to be.

"Wedding planning's stressful enough without worrying about the coronavirus," said Ty McBrayer, owner of Twirl Boutique.

She said despite recent news stories, things are running as usual, so brides can walk down the aisle without concern.

"It's just running a little bit slower because of the precautions they're taking for travel overseas," she said.

Store owners are notified by designers if they anticipate delays. Gretchen Reece, who owns Gretchen Reece Bridal Couture, said she's been in contact with a few of her designers.

"I've been able to get ahead of the problem, they've kind of let me know the gowns are done, it's just a slight delay in shipping normally it's only by a couple of weeks," she said.

The bridal industry is one that requires lots of planning, so usually issues around the world are accounted for.

"They're always anticipating different changes in the international climate and that includes shipping and manufacturing," McBrayer said.

According to Debbie Feehan, a boutique curator for Relix Bridal, said brides should focus on catching the bouquet, not the coronavirus.

"A lot of dresses are actually made on stateside or in another country overseas that's not China. A lot of beading is done in India, there's a lot of lace that comes out of Italy and France, there's a lot of production in Belgian, as well," she said.

For the brides whose wedding date is around the corner, McBrayer wants to assure them that good consultants and manufacturers will find a way to make sure they're wearing white on their big day.