Lexington brothers accused of raping same woman

Roy (left) & James McIntosh
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Two brothers are accused of drugging a woman and taking turns raping her.

James McIntosh and Roy McIntosh were arrested Tuesday on Shandon Drive in Lexington.

The victim told police she thinks the men used Narcan to sober her up. When she came to, she said she was face down on the floor in an unfamiliar place.

She said James McIntosh was holding her head and knees down while Roy McIntosh raped her. When the first person was finished, she said he held her down while the other brother raped her.

According to the arrest citations, the victim said she tried to get the men off by scratching and pushing them, but she was unable to.

The victim said after the sexual assault, James McIntosh gave her a shot of heroin and the men told her to leave. She said he made the comment, "When she wakes up, she will not even remember this."

The McIntosh brothers were scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday, each on a charge of rape.

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