Lexington business helps Trump supporter targeted by vandals

Published: Nov. 15, 2016 at 1:36 PM EST
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In some cases, this election has brought out the worst in people on both sides of the aisle. In Lexington, Gary Napier says his car was vandalized because of a political bumper sticker he used to cover a dent on his car.

"Someone ripped off my Trump sticker and threw it down on the ground and tore it up," said Napier. They also smashed the roof of his car and busted his windshield. With only liability coverage, Gary was left to repair the damage out of pocket.

"It's going to cost me $188 to fix the windshield and I don't know how much to get the roof banged out," said Gary. "I guess I know where my next paycheck is going."

When Chris Curtis, the owner and general manage of Chip Magicians in Lexington, met with Gary to assess the damage, he decided to put politics aside to help his fellow man.

"Regardless of who he voted for or what was on the car we just felt like this was something we wanted to help him with and get him out of this situation," said Curtis.

While it was a Trump sticker that started this whole thing, Chris says even if the bumper sticker had been for Hillary he would have done the exact same thing. "With everything that's going on right now and how people feel about one another maybe we all should just say who cares and focus on helping one another instead," said Curtis.