Lexington cafe putting hemp in coffee

Published: Jul. 24, 2018 at 7:29 AM EDT
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Putting hemp in your morning 'cup of Joe' is now a possibility. A Lexington cafe is offering the product in the form of an oil supplement. Producers of it say the benefits are big, and one way to enjoy those benefits is to add it to your food.

Broomwagon, on the corner of Limestone and Loudon, offers customers the chance to add CBD to smoothies, coffees, shakes, and teas.

"CBD is a naturally-occurring compound within the cannabis sativa plants, specifically the hemp variety, so the non-intoxicating variety," notes Adriane Polyniak. She's the founder of Bluegrass Hemp Oil. Her company got a permit to grow and produce it in 2014. A hemp advocate from the start, Polyniak wanted more than anything to find a cure for her son's epilepsy.

Since then, her family's found there's even more benefits to the plant.

"It ranges from anywhere from anxiety relief to anti-inflammatory to seizure relief, tremors, pain, there's so many benefits," she notes. "Actually, Broomwagon is at the cutting edge here in the city. I would say since they've started there may be one of two that's trying to jump on the bandwagon as well, but they're definitely the first and leading here in the city."

Bluegrass Hemp Oil makes the CBD Broomwagon sells in its shakes.

"It's just a supplement to your diet, kind of like a vitamin would be, and for people to see the benefits, even if it's just calming you for everyday things or it's some sort of medical benefit," notes Broomwagon's owner, Tiffany Morrow.

Hemp is part of the cannabis family, but producers of hemp say the chemical makeup is different than marijuana. The product Bluegrass Hemp Oil sells is legal.